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Get natural candid photos,
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Seville is a beautiful vibrant city, full of charming and unique spots where one can get lost and feel transported to a different time. Ancient walls, narrow alleys, impressive monuments, the smell of orange blossom... It's almost impossible not to feel a little romantic around this place. That's why if you are visiting here, I want to offer you an exclusive experience, where you will be able to discover the city, while getting photographed in a romantic, yet fun and fluid way.

These sessions are different because it’s not like: «Let’s go someplace and do a bunch of poses and take a few pictures…»

It’s an experience!

I want you to feel like you're in a film!

When you watch a film, you don’t just see images of the main characters constantly, you also get to see the surroundings and details that allow you to be immersed in the atmosphere and the mood of the story. You also get transitions and since it’s not a static image, you see movement and of course, music!

All of these things are what I like to incorporate in my sessions, to deliver not just pictures of you doing a bunch of static poses, but rather, pictures of you filled with movement, laughter and a whole lot of love! Images that portray emotion, and that relive the moment and the feel of it.

How it works?

We’ll take our time.

The LoveStory session lasts around 2 hours. Storytelling photography is about portraying the essence of the moment and the subject, and capturing lots of «in between moments» so these sessions can’t be rushed. At the beginning you can be a little bit shy, but slowly you’ll start forgetting about the camera and just letting yourself flow and embracing the experience with your loved one. Getting you into the right vibe can take its time, and the best pictures are often the ones at the end!

You won’t feel posed.

If you are usually shy or not very comfortable around pictures, don’t worry, you won’t have to pose! or at least you won’t feel like you are posing. I will give you some prompts and direction so you don’t feel lost, but I want you to take my prompts and make them your own. There are couples that need more direction and some that need less, but I always put a lot of effort into making you feel comfortable and at ease. The best advice I can give you is to just focus on each other and try to forget about the camera! I know it sounds typical, but it is so true!

Have fun with it!

Not only for couples!

Although the LoveStory sessions are specially designed for couples, they can be adapted for families, groups of friends or even solo sessions. Love comes in every form, and everyone deserves to have lovely candid pictures, so everyone is welcome!

Let's create memories together!

Rates and Session Times

The Lovestory | 2h session for 220€

This is the full package. The most complete experience. 2 hours might sound like a lot, but trust me, they fly when you are having fun and wandering around. This time allows you to get comfortable enough with the camera, up to the point where you can just focus on enjoying the experience, and that’s when the magic starts to happen and we’ll be able to get the best results. During this time, we’ll also have enough time to visit some of the most iconic locations in Seville, like Plaza España, Jardines de Murillo, Barrio Santa Cruz, La Giralda and the Torre del Oro and Puente Triana by the riverside. Please note that in order to make the session laid back and not rushed, we may not have time to have pictures in all of these locations, but we’ll have a chat before we meet, to see your preferences and how you want to distribute the time. You can also bring a change of clothes if you want to, to make it feel like two sessions in one.

Because of my storytelling style, you can expect hundreds of pictures, because like I said, I capture lots of actions, movement, details and part of the scenery as well, and that results in tons of pictures, but I promise you won’t get tired of them. Every single picture has an intention and the gallery has been specially curated considering the order and distribution of the images, to tell the story the best way possible.

Without a doubt, this is the most popular and memorable experience, but there are also other options.

The Little LoveStory | 1h session for 120€

My recommendation will always be the full Lovestory Session, because the storytelling style takes time to develop along the session and with less time, it’s harder to achieve, but not impossible. Consider this a little touch of the full experience. The approach will be the same, we’ll only have less time to develop it and of course you’ll have to choose only one or two locations, but you can still expect lots of cute pictures together.

The Mini | 35 minutes session for 65€

With these mini sessions we have to stick to one location. Although we’ll have very limited time, we’ll still try to keep it natural and fun.

Before the session:

• We’ll have a chat to decide where you’d like to go for your session and how to distribute your time.

• You’ll receive a dress guide to help you decide what to wear for the session. Choosing the right clothes can be a tricky task, and what you wear can make a whole difference in how the pictures turn out and in the whole aesthetic of the shoot.

After the session:

• After the session, you can expect your pictures within a week or maybe a bit more during busy season, but during low season, sometimes they could even turn out in a couple of days! It depends but I’m usually quite quick with deliveries. I don’t like to keep you waiting for too long.

• You will receive your pictures in an lovely curated online gallery, where you can download your pictures in high resolution and without watermarks. The gallery will be active for up to a month after your session. Make sure to save them on your personal hard drive and cloud to ensure you will always have them.

Sometimes the gallery might stay up for longer, but make sure you save your pictures before one month in case.

Session times:

The Lovestory Sessions will start 2 hours before sunset. It’s when the light is most magical and beautiful.

The Little Lovestory Sessions can be 1 hour before sunset or at 12am.

The Mini Sessions can be at 11:00am or at sunset (Due to availability. The other sessions will have priority over The Mini at sunset. I can’t ensure these sessions at that time until one day before the session)

You can also choose a sunrise session to avoid crowds for a supplement of 40€.

How to book?

To book your session, fill in the form below or text me via whatsapp on +34 630009576 and I'll get back to you as soon as possible to confirm availability and start preparing for your session!

Please contact me directly on +34 630009576 if I don’t get back to you in the next 24h after you first reached out.

To confirm your booking, a 20€ deposit will be necessary to ensure your day and time. You can cancel or reschedule up to 24h before your session. If you want to cancel with less than 24h before your session, you’ll lose your deposit. If you want to reschedule with less than 24h before your session  it will only be possible if I have availability. Please note that if the rest of my booking times are full, a reschedule won’t be possible and if you can’t make it at the original time agreed, you won’t get your deposit back.

Who's behind the camera?

Hi! I'm Mireya!

I’m a professional photographer born and raised in Seville, so I know the city like the palm of my hand! I specialise in couples and wedding photography, but I also love doing family, maternity sessions, or just anything to do with capturing the most important parts of people’s lives. Ultimately, what I love most is capturing people’s stories, their feelings and portraying them in my own way, through my narrative and documentary style.


• I also do other types of photography, like corporate, editorial or other types of events, but my heart will always lie with capturing people and their stories. That’s what moves me the most.


• A few cliché things I like: Nature (in every possible way), cats (also dogs and almost every other animal on the planet), music (my favourite genres are indie, rock and pop), art (I studied fine arts, so I’m in love with art in all its forms) and of course, travelling (always thinking about the next destination). / +34 630009576